Fish Farmers Training

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We contacted with some potential large scale farmers of Vurulia union, three days before the program. With the help of them we met other fish farm owners, workers who work in fish farm and some females who help in feeding and other maintenance of fish farm. We invited potential fish farm owners, workers who were enthusiastic and interested to participate in our event.  About 50 persons were invited. However, 30 of them attended the program. Here is the list of the participants:

Event Title: Fish Farmers Training                            

Event Date: 19.09.2022

Venue Details

Place: Islamic Mission, Shyamnagor   Union: Vurulia    Upazila: Shyamnagor District: Satkhira

Type of Participant: Fish Farmer      

Total Number of Participant: 30

Name of the Trainer:   Tusher Mojumder

                                        (Senior Motshya officer, Shyamnagor, Satkhira)

Topics Covered:

Knowledge sharing on clean and hygiene management1 hour
Fish Harvesting1 hour
Fish handling30 min
Icing and Transportation1 hour
Question and answer30 min

Event Schedule
1pm-1.15 pm
15 min
Registration and sitting arrangements
Host Team
1.15 pm -1.20 pm
5 min
Thanks giving to God
Host Team
1.20 pm-1.30 pm
10 min
Orientation of MarGEn
Host Team
1.30 pm -2.30 pm
1 hour
Knowledge sharing on clean and hygiene management
Tusher Mojumder
2.30 pm – 3.30 pm
1 hour
Fish Harvesting
Tusher Mojumder
3.30 pm- 4pm
30 min
Fish handling
Tusher Mojumder
1 hour
Icing and Transportation
Tusher Mojumder
5pm-5.30 pm
30 min
Question and answer
Tusher Mojumder
Refreshment and closing session
Host Team

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