Country farmers are working hard to meet their demands and fulfill their desires. Even if they work hard they are not pleased with their income.  They can almost not meet their household expenses and other expenses. They cannot afford a good quality of life for them and their families.  Because of the low income from their occupation, they have a poor technical condition.  

To solve the unemployment and provide raw materials to industries that can be mutually and thoroughly achieved with Tourism as Agro-tourism. It can be used to persuade and inspire farming communities to raise their crops in an eco-friendly demeanor and to conserve the biodiversity of farms It allows tourists to come in close contact with the dwellers of small, rural villages and to be engaged in traditional ways agriculture still prevailing in this age.  Tourists can get a chance to know about different indigenous agricultural practices, such  as  how  crops  are  harvested, marked and conserved, how vegetables can be raised  organically, how freshly picked fruits are converted into delicious marmalade., 

Being an agriculture country, there is an  unlimited  scope  of  the  agro-tourism.  With the development in the realm of  the  technological  sector  and city orientation  settlement  of  the  people,  many  children  as  well people are not well  familiar  with the  agricultural practices  and management.  Still, many people from the world  are not  known about the plantation of rice.

MarGEn Agrotourism become an arena through which people will familiar with the agricultural practices and management.  MarGEn introduces these activities for the betterment of our farmers and tourist.