Recreation refers to activities conducted on private/public agricultural lands, which might include overnight stays, educational activities and ultimately refresh you bringing in close connection with nature and food source.  

Agro tourism will give the real flavor of nature. Agro tourism will bring you close with the source of food that we used to consume in our daily life. To grip the real flavor of farming by close connection and visiting the food source, production, harvesting, processing of agro products. Ultimately agro tourism will give you rural livelihood flavor. 

In modern life, peoples passing very busy days. We sometime need peace for mind. Nature is the best refreshing agent that can change your mind and recharge you to move in full fledge of work.Most of the people of Dhaka and other urban area did not know the source of their food where It come from, how it produce, how the tree/plant look like. Most of the children in Dhaka now a days are totally detached from the root of Bangladesh.

MarGEn Agrotourism become an arena through which people will familiar with the agricultural practices and management.  MarGEn introduces these activities for the betterment of our farmers and tourist.