MarGEn Communication is a profit making organization established in 2015 by a pool of promising young experts who are committed to bring social impact through business investment. MarGEn stands for Market, Gender and Environment that responses to our social and environmental issues through business dedication. MarGEn promotes inclusive business through partnering with the local micro and small enterprises aiming to develop them as well.

 Together Each Achieves More (TEAM) or ‘teamwork’ is the belief and guiding principle of MarGEn Communication. The expert members of here, as of today, worked together in projects/programs, non-profit organizations, businesses, and voluntary activities. It started the journey with market research and training.

Capacity and Past Performance of MarGEn Communication

Area of Expertise

  • Market research and value chain analysis
  • Enterprise Capacity Building and Social Business Modeling
  • Agriculture Supply Chain and Postharvest Management

Number of experts members

  • Market Development Expert – 2
  • Horticulture and Postharvest management Expert – 2
  • Fisheries Expert – 1
  • Capacity Building – 2
  • Researchers – 2
  • Agricultural Engineer – 2
  • Social Business and Enterprise Development Expert – 3


  • Hortex Foundation
  • Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Joydebpur, Gazipur-1701

Past Performance

A)       Enhance the throughput of the e-commerce-based supply chain for mango-Swisscontact Bangladesh –2020

A short-term project (from June to August 2020) funded by Swiss contact Bangladesh, has been implemented by MarGEn in joint venture with to support in increasing the volume of fresh mango being traded through the e-Commerce-based supply chainto tackle the disruption in the usual supply chain due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

B)      Developing Participatory Sustainability Plan of Community Based Market Spaces under Making Market Work for Women (MMWW) Project- Action Aid Bangladesh –2019

The study was commissioned by Action Aid Bangladesh in September 2019. The overall objective of the study was to assess the present situation of community-based market spaces and develop a strategy to make those function and sustainable under the project of MMWW. This project was funded by Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

C)       Market Research and Value Chain Assessment for Agricultural and Non-agricultural product-Action Aid Bangladesh –2019

    The assessment was conducted by MarGEn in February 2019. The study was to carry out Value Chain Analysis of 6 sub-sectors ( Cattle, Poultry, Vegetable, Pulse, Betel Leaf and Onion). The value chain study was commissioned by the project “Making Market Work for Women” implemented by Action Aid Bangladesh. This project was funded by Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

D)      Assessment of Community-Based Organization (CBOs) and producers Business and capacity building of the CBOs with a view to develop social business model- Transform Aid International Bangladesh –2018

The project was implemented by MarGEn in 2018. It was funded by Transformed Aid International. MarGEn assessed the Community Based Organization of PARI Development Trust, implanting partners of Transform Aid International. MarGEn conducted capacity building training for the staffs of PARI on social business project development and assessment of community based organization to design and development of social business project for PARI. 

E)      Baseline of Promoting Opportunities for Women empowerment (POWEP) Project- Pollisree – 2017  

A baseline assessment was conducted by the MarGEn for Pollisree, a national NGO in Bangladesh. The assessment was for the POWER project funded by Oxfam.

F)        Staff Foundation Training Course Conduction on Social Enterprise- PARI Development Trust– 2017

MarGEn provided a foundation training on social business development for the staffs of PARI Development Trust, a national NGO in Bangladesh funded by Transform Aid International. The program was implemented in 2017.

G)       Conducted a Feasibility Study on Natural Storage for Vegetable in Khulna District – Euro consult Mott MacDonald, Blue Gold Project -2016

MarGEn awarded an innovation fund in the Blue Gold project funded by Netherland Govt and implemented by jointly Mott MacDonald and Bangladesh Water Development Board. The award was provided for an feasibility assessment of the natural storage establishment for vegetable farmers in the coastal area of Bangladesh. 

H)      Conducted Training on “Monitoring and Evaluation “Social Enterprise Development and Assessment” Transform Aid International Bangladesh -2016

 Transformed Aid International hired MarGEn to facilitate a training on Social Enterprise Development in 2016 for the partners organization. It was a 3 days residential training for 7 implementing partners in Bangladesh.

I)        Conducted Training on Market Development and Value Chain Analysis – Social Development Foundation -2015

MarGEn conducted a training on value chain analysis and market development for the staffs of Social Development Foundation in 2015.