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MarGEn Agro tourism is the form of tourism which capitalizes on rural culture as a tourist attraction. Agro-tourism is a style of vacation in which hospitality is offered on farms where activities may include helping out and learning about farming, picking fruits and vegetables, go fishing, go mango picking, tasting honey, and the opportunity to buy local and regional produce or hand-crafted gifts. Many people are interested to learn how their food is produced. Parents, in particular, view these kinds of vacations as highly valuable and educational for their children. MarGEn Agro Tourism offer a unique and memorable experience suitable for the entire family.

It is necessary now to cultivate land in a sustainable way for our future, since Bangladesh is especially vulnerable to climate change and land-erosion. Foreign and domestic agro-tourism can help raise awareness among local farmers regarding how to reduce climatic impact on land, water, forest, health, and fish resources. Tourists and indigenous groups can exchange knowledge on farming and agriculture.

Tourists will get chance to visits sustainable local farms like poultry, goat, buffalo and cow to know people help to eradicate poverty. Through these type of tourism tourists know on how eco-friendly farming can reduce unemployment and improve our quality of life.

University and college students can spend their leisure time and thoughts to incorporate organic farming in rural area. Students can share their thoughts to farmers, teach them and gain indigenous knowledge from farmers. It is necessary now to cultivate land in some sustainable ways for organic future. Researchers and agro-tourists share their experiences among indigenous farmers about climate change, global warming, crisis related to extract more ground water, arsenic pollution, importance of vermi-composting, bio-fertilizers, rice husks potentiality into land and impacts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Mango Fusion

Country farmers are working hard to meet their demands and fulfill their desires. Even if they work hard they are not pleased with their income.  They can almost not meet their household expenses and other expenses. They cannot afford a good quality of life for them and their families.  Because of the low income from their occupation, they have a poor technical condition.  

To solve the unemployment and provide raw materials to industries that can be mutually and thoroughly achieved with Tourism as Agro-tourism. It can be used to persuade and inspire farming communities to raise their crops in an eco-friendly demeanor and to conserve the biodiversity of farms It allows tourists to come in close contact with the dwellers of small, rural villages and to be engaged in traditional ways agriculture still prevailing in this age.  Tourists can get a chance to know about different indigenous agricultural practices, such  as  how  crops  are  harvested, marked and conserved, how vegetables can be raised  organically, how freshly picked fruits are converted into delicious marmalade., 

Being an agriculture country, there is an  unlimited  scope  of  the  agro-tourism.  With the development in the realm of  the  technological  sector  and city orientation  settlement  of  the  people,  many  children  as  well people are not well  familiar  with the  agricultural practices  and management.  Still, many people from the world  are not  known about the plantation of rice.

MarGEn Agrotourism become an arena through which people will familiar with the agricultural practices and management.  MarGEn introduces these activities for the betterment of our farmers and tourist.


Fusion with Mango

Recreation refers to activities conducted on private/public agricultural lands, which might include overnight stays, educational activities and ultimately refresh you bringing in close connection with nature and food source.  

Agro tourism will give the real flavor of nature. Agro tourism will bring you close with the source of food that we used to consume in our daily life. To grip the real flavor of farming by close connection and visiting the food source, production, harvesting, processing of agro products. Ultimately agro tourism will give you rural livelihood flavor. 

In modern life, peoples passing very busy days. We sometime need peace for mind. Nature is the best refreshing agent that can change your mind and recharge you to move in full fledge of work.Most of the people of Dhaka and other urban area did not know the source of their food where It come from, how it produce, how the tree/plant look like. Most of the children in Dhaka now a days are totally detached from the root of Bangladesh.

MarGEn Agrotourism become an arena through which people will familiar with the agricultural practices and management.  MarGEn introduces these activities for the betterment of our farmers and tourist.


MarGEn Communication is a profit making organization established in 2015 by a pool of promising young experts who are committed to bring social impact through business investment. MarGEn stands for Market, Gender and Environment that responses to our social and environmental issues through business dedication. MarGEn promotes inclusive business through partnering with the local micro and small enterprises aiming to develop them as well.

 Together Each Achieves More (TEAM) or ‘teamwork’ is the belief and guiding principle of MarGEn Communication. The expert members of here, as of today, worked together in projects/programs, non-profit organizations, businesses, and voluntary activities. It started the journey with market research and training.

Capacity and Past Performance of MarGEn Communication

Area of Expertise

  • Market research and value chain analysis
  • Enterprise Capacity Building and Social Business Modeling
  • Agriculture Supply Chain and Postharvest Management

Number of experts members

  • Market Development Expert – 2
  • Horticulture and Postharvest management Expert – 2
  • Fisheries Expert – 1
  • Capacity Building – 2
  • Researchers – 2
  • Agricultural Engineer – 2
  • Social Business and Enterprise Development Expert – 3


  • Hortex Foundation
  • Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Joydebpur, Gazipur-1701

Past Performance

a)       Enhance the throughput of the e-commerce-based supply chain for mango-Swisscontact Bangladesh –2020

A short-term project (from June to August 2020) funded by Swiss contact Bangladesh, has been implemented by MarGEn in joint venture with to support in increasing the volume of fresh mango being traded through the e-Commerce-based supply chainto tackle the disruption in the usual supply chain due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

b)      Developing Participatory Sustainability Plan of Community Based Market Spaces under Making Market Work for Women (MMWW) Project- Action Aid Bangladesh –2019

The study was commissioned by Action Aid Bangladesh in September 2019. The overall objective of the study was to assess the present situation of community-based market spaces and develop a strategy to make those function and sustainable under the project of MMWW. This project was funded by Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

c)       Market Research and Value Chain Assessment for Agricultural and Non-agricultural product-Action Aid Bangladesh –2019

    The assessment was conducted by MarGEn in February 2019. The study was to carry out Value Chain Analysis of 6 sub-sectors ( Cattle, Poultry, Vegetable, Pulse, Betel Leaf and Onion). The value chain study was commissioned by the project “Making Market Work for Women” implemented by Action Aid Bangladesh. This project was funded by Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

d)      Assessment of Community-Based Organization (CBOs) and producers Business and capacity building of the CBOs with a view to develop social business model- Transform Aid International Bangladesh –2018

The project was implemented by MarGEn in 2018. It was funded by Transformed Aid International. MarGEn assessed the Community Based Organization of PARI Development Trust, implanting partners of Transform Aid International. MarGEn conducted capacity building training for the staffs of PARI on social business project development and assessment of community based organization to design and development of social business project for PARI. 

e)      Baseline of Promoting Opportunities for Women empowerment (POWEP) Project- Pollisree – 2017  

A baseline assessment was conducted by the MarGEn for Pollisree, a national NGO in Bangladesh. The assessment was for the POWER project funded by Oxfam.

f)        Staff Foundation Training Course Conduction on Social Enterprise- PARI Development Trust– 2017

MarGEn provided a foundation training on social business development for the staffs of PARI Development Trust, a national NGO in Bangladesh funded by Transform Aid International. The program was implemented in 2017.

g)       Conducted a Feasibility Study on Natural Storage for Vegetable in Khulna District – Euro consult Mott MacDonald, Blue Gold Project -2016

MarGEn awarded an innovation fund in the Blue Gold project funded by Netherland Govt and implemented by jointly Mott MacDonald and Bangladesh Water Development Board. The award was provided for an feasibility assessment of the natural storage establishment for vegetable farmers in the coastal area of Bangladesh. 

h)      Conducted Training on “Monitoring and Evaluation “Social Enterprise Development and Assessment” Transform Aid International Bangladesh -2016

 Transformed Aid International hired MarGEn to facilitate a training on Social Enterprise Development in 2016 for the partners organization. It was a 3 days residential training for 7 implementing partners in Bangladesh.

i)        Conducted Training on Market Development and Value Chain Analysis – Social Development Foundation -2015

MarGEn conducted a training on value chain analysis and market development for the staffs of Social Development Foundation in 2015.

Director (Research & Promotion)

Dr. Ebna Habib Md. Shofiur Rahaman

Dr. Ebna Habib Md. Shofiur Rahaman has over 20 years of working experience in agriculture research & development, post-harvest management, market research, nutrition and gender activities in different national and international organization like Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, GMark Consulting Ltd., International Potato Center etc. 

Key Qualifications

  • MS and PhD in Horticulture from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
  • Post-doctoral training from University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Served as a Research Associated in USDA funded project at Dept. of Horticulture, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) where he was involved in collection, evaluation and utilization of different fruit and vegetable germplasm from Bangladesh. Where he was also involved in facilitating to conduct MS research of different students under Dept. of Horticulture, BAU, Mymensingh.
  • While working in Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) as Senior Scientific Officer, he was directly involved in 2 late blight resistant, 2 salt tolerance & 1 heat tolerance potato variety development and 2 beta-carotene rich orange fleshed sweetpotato variety development in Bangladesh. During his research involvement in BAU, BARI and CIP, he has published 38 scientific papers in different scientific journals, 2 booklets, one training manual and 12 research reports.   
  • Worked as Potato Sector Specialist on SWISS CONTACT – KATALYST funded Potato Sector Development Project, implemented by GMark Consulting Ltd where I introduced improved Natural Storage System using evaporative cooling system techniques to increase shelf life and reduce post-harvest losses of potato and vegetables first time in Bangladesh. In this project, I assist to design the intervention plan, assist to conduct potato value chain study and identified potato value chain. Directly involved in formation of Bangladesh Potato Exporters Association.  
  • Experienced in farmers selection, farmers group formation, developing training manual, conducting farmers training on different aspects of livelihood improvement program.
  • Expertise on production, disease & pest management, post-harvest management, processing, exporting and alternative use of potato. Developed two training manuals on improved production technology and post-harvest management of potato & sweetpotato.
  • Introduced IPM technology among one hundred thousand farmers to grow potato, sweetpotato and vegetables and strengthen value chains of those crops among different stakeholders in Bangladesh while working in USAID Horticulture Project of International Potato Center (CIP).
  • Well experience in preparing questioner, budget preparation workplan & budget preparation. Highly experienced in report writing, preparation and presentation of the report at different national & international workshop & seminars.
  • Have an experience on working with different private sectors involved in potato, sweetpotato and vegetables sectors in Bangladesh.

Received training on;

Title of TrainingDurationOrganized by
Fraud Prevention AwarenessTraining on Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)Sep 03, 2020Jan 24-26, 2015International Potato Center, Lima, Peru Winrock International
Gender Capacity StrengtheningDec 01-03, 2013International Potato Center, Lima, Peru
Nutrition Quality Assessment on Root & Tuber CropsMarch 18-21, 2013International Potato Center, Lima, Peru
Participatory Market Chain Assessment (PMCA)Feb 22-24, 2012International Potato Center, Lima, Peru
ToT on Summer Tomato Integrated Crop ManagementApril 03-05, 2012The World Vegetable Center, Taiwan
Monitoring & Result Management (MRM)May 17-18, 2010SWISS CONTACT-KATALYST
Hybridization in PotatoJuly 01-15, 2009Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI), Shimla, HP, India
TOT on Integrated Crop Management (ICM) of Tuber CropsDec 11-13, 2007TCRC, BARI, Gazipur, Bangladesh


Dr. Mohammed Razu Ahmed 

Dr. Razu Ahmed is a horticulture and nutritional professional with more than 16 years of experience including 4 years with the World Vegetable Center (previous name AVRDC) serving as Country Coordinator. Strong expertise on GAP of vegetables & fruit, postharvest management, value chain development including export market linkage, horticulture-based research and development, agro-processing, contract farming with public, private and international organizations. Was head of supply chain knowledge management with USAID funded USAID Horticulture Project and USAID Postharvest Project for reducing postharvest losses of horticultural crops and ensure food safety of produced fruit, vegetables & betel leaf. Has consistently excelled at focusing on sustainable development interventions, building public-private partnerships, developing capacity of associations, local service providers, and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and improved competitive positioning among business owners and support institutions. Along with the experiences I also served as translator and interpreter in national and international organizations like Tango International, Gramin Bikash Foundation and Welt Hunger Hilfe. Besides I developed a good number of manuals for government organization, UN organization (WFP) and NGO (World Vegetable Center, Winrock International, CARE).

Core Competencies

Applied Nutrition Training manual developer, Translator & InterpreterProject Management & report writing
Postharvest technologyValue Chain DevelopmentProject formulation
Food safety  Food microbiologyOperational Improvement
Contract farming  Home gardeningStaff Motivation
Conflict management &Team leadPest managementCommunication


MarGEn Social business aims at solving societal issues that neither states nor civil society have been able to successfully tackle by themselves. Such specificities as the social goal orientation and the renunciation of dividend payments as well as the efficiency of these market approaches make it possible. In other words, the surplus value generated by social business takes the form of social profit instead of capital growth. 

Social business is a form of business striking a balance between social objectives and financial goals, situated somewhere between profit-maximizing business and the non-profit sector. When understood in such broad terms, social business represents a significant sector of the economy

MarGEn design innovative business models, entirely geared towards best serving their target beneficiaries. Several key requirements are needed to build up such a successful social business model: encouraging social impact-oriented shareholders that fully endorse the business endeavor, and establishing partnerships that bring complementary resources and expertise.

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