Food Processing

The agro-food processing industry constitutes an important industry in the manufacturing sector in most countries. This industry is an important part of the manufacturing sector in Bangladesh which now accounts for about 20 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. The agro-food processing industry now contributes about 8.0 per cent to manufacturing output (1.7 per cent of GDP).

MarGEn food processing unit becomes try build a strong brand image to the customers through regular product development and research by a group of enthusiastic research and development wing. For research purpose MarGEn conduct their research and testing in BAU Food Lab world famous and largest agricultural University in South Asia and also in Sylhet Agricultural University Food Lab.

Our Processed Food

▪  Raj Gur (Date pulm Juggery)

▪  Raj Gur (Sugercane Jugerry)

▪  Pusti Chal (Zinc Enriched)

▪  Amar Fresh Vegitable

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